our story

Angelica arrived in Chicago on a Sunday morning in 2018. Omar was the first friendly face she came across, the first person she spoke to in a country that was not hers. From the beginning, they spent hours talking, going out to eat, or just driving around the city. They were a family to each other in a country that was foreign for both of them. In a certain way, their relationship had a sort of an expiration date since Angelica was going to return to Colombia.

However, they wanted to give a long-distance relationship a shot; but the truth is that it never was a long-distance relationship as they went back and forth between both cities, Bogota and Chicago, always trying to be close to each other.

They always try to express their love and affection through their actions to the tiniest details. Their love is contained in the trips, the restaurants, and all the places they have been to and explored together. Four years after that Sunday, and on the day of December 24th, Omar popped the question and Angelica said yes, and today they are happy to celebrate their relationship with all the people they love and matter most to them.